Non Competitor Entries will only be available on the day at the Transport Hub.


A – To participate in the event, it is mandatory for all vehicles to be parked from July 6th/7th until the conclusion of the event. The setup process will take place on July 5th, 6th, and 7th, while July 8th is reserved for media and judging, during which vehicle owners and the public will not be allowed access. The main event day is scheduled for July 9th.


B – To ensure a uniform display for all vehicles, no branding or chairs can be placed around your ride. Your vehicle will be showcased to a large audience, allowing thousands of visitors to admire and take photos. For the smooth operation of the event, marshals and security will be present to enforce control, and any restrictions of free movement around your car will not be allowed.


C – To attend the event, visitors are required to purchase both Gate Entry and Competition Entry tickets. Gate Entry tickets can be purchased via www.computicket-boxoffice.com, while Competition Entry tickets can be obtained from the website on the following page.


D – Upon entering Nasrec, you will be provided with an entry sticker, which must be affixed to the top right corner of your windscreen. This sticker must not be removed as it will be used to identify your vehicle during the judging process.


E – There are three categories available for entry: Hot Ride, Show Ride, and Limbo. If you wish, you can participate in more than one category.


F – As per fire safety regulations enforced by the venue management, only a maximum of 1/4 tank of fuel is permitted in your vehicle. If your vehicle contains more fuel than the allowed limit, you will be asked to drain the excess.


G – To ensure smooth coordination and operation of the event, if you have any questions, please contact us in advance. It will be challenging for us to cater to any changes that may be required if you contact us during the week of the event. We are here to assist you in every possible way, so let’s work together.


H – The prize giving ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Lake/Limbo Arena at 4.30 pm.


I – We welcome everyone to attend the event, but only German and Japanese vehicles may participate in the competition and park in competition areas. The judge’s decision is final, and the presence of both the owner and the vehicle is mandatory during the prize-giving ceremony. Otherwise, the prize/s will be forfeited.


Soutside Crew and Associated Parties hold no responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to any vehicles or individuals while on or at the event premises. We encourage all visitors to take adequate precautions and care for their belongings.

By clicking the I ACCEPT button below you acknowledge and agree to the rules and terms and conditions for entering the German vs Jap Edition 10 Car Show.

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